The International e-learning Academy  (www.internationalelearingacademy.com) is an educationalinstitution which offers innovative, modern and unique programs with academic support and professionalresult that can be applied immediately. With the system of e-learning, every student can acquireknowledge and professional skills at his/her own space (home, office, internet cafe, in the city, country orwhere elsewhere) and his/her own time . In the International e-learning Academy we give the opportunity to every worker, student, unemployed, newcomer or even experienced, from the private and /or evenpublic sector to it acquires knowledge and skills for professional and personal growth:

–          Through training programs at Diploma level,

–          Through professional training programs

–          Through webinars

The International e-learning Academy (www.internationalelearingacademy.com) was created and it is supported by a team of academicians and professionals that know deeply the needs of the market and thecompanies. Having the knowledge and the experience from national and international level, they createdflexible, reliable but also immediately applicable educational method which offers the essential tools forgrowth, improvement but even radical change of profession of every professional.  The International e-learning Academy through its training programs offers continuous professional improvement anddevelopment