Welcome to our Academy

We would like to thank you for visiting the International e-learning Academy.

We create and offer to the international community, through internet –e-learning, professional training programs that

  • have academic basis,
  • are time- flexible,
  • are of the highest quality,
  • have very affordable fees and
  • have immediate professional implementation.

That is that having completed a training course successfully you are entitled to work as a professional in the selected field.

We, in International e-learning Academy, are consciously committed, besides the offer of the most modern and up to date knowledge, to train our students in the immediate use of it in their profession. The knowledge in our Academy is not only theoretical but mostly practical and experiential.  We are committed in helping our students to the professional and personal development of their personality in whichever course they select.

In International e-learning Academy The student is being trained to develop his/her own critical thinking and to implement it in every sector of his/her personal and professional life, which is the most crucial factor of success.

We hope that you enjoy your navigation to our Academy as well as to select the appropriate training program that you would like to study.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of information,


Dr. George Karathanos