Certificate in Coaching – AC Accredited – international recognition

certDescription of the Program


The Certificate in Coaching – AC Accredited training program, offers professional knowledge in Coaching. More specifically based on a balanced combination between the scientific knowledge and the practical approach, the training program offers the necessary skills, techniques tools, coaching models and coaching practice for the creation of Professional Coaches based on the international standards and implementations. The combination of the scientific approach, the high levels of the practice are in parallel with the international standards of the Association of Coaching and other international bodies.

The training program is more than 100 hours and it also has more than 26 hours of coaching practice, outside classroom. Furthermore it is estimated that the time for the study needed – including the time for assignments – is more than 100 hours too. Every participant has the necessary training hours for those who wish to be credentialed at the levels of Executive & Professional Coach // Professional Executive Coach Accreditation by the Association for Coaching. Besides the accredited training, working hours will be needed based on the AC standards.

Who should attend

The Certificate in Coaching – AC Accredited is for all of those who wish to work in the coaching industry professionally and they don’t have a previous training and/or experience in coaching.  More concrete:

  • To those who wish to become professionals and work through their own coaching office and/or cooperate with coaching services companies
  • To Managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals who wish to develop themselves professionally & personally
  • To Psychologists & Scientists


Benefits of the training program

With the successful completion of the Certificate in Coaching – AC Accredited you will be able to :

  • Develop and create professional coaching relationships with clients with trust, acceptance and empowerment,
  • Cooperate effectively with your clients
  • To be aware of, follow and effectively implement the Code of Ethics and Good Practice of AC
  • Cooperate with your client for creating concrete targets and how to implement them, visualize his/her future and work on it.
  • Create and develop your personal office and/or to plan your professional development and growth
  • Plan and develop your future for professional development in the coaching industry in parallel with the international environment.

Our training approach

Our training approach, through International e-learning Academy – follows the most modern methods internationally. The training is practical, experiential with the active participation of all the students.

There are practical assignments, workshops, coaching hours in and outside classroom, group discussions (when there are groups) while every participant implements the same knowledge for his/her self-awareness, self-development at personal and professional level.

This approach gives – besides the lectures, the study of the material, the research and the practical based assignments – the necessary knowledge for gaining high levels of professional comfort and confidence.

The training methods used, are:

  • Lectures
  • Assignments
  • Coaching session (in and outside classrooms)
  • Presentations
  • Role playing

In the classroom, we use:

  • Theory and practice – experiential training
  • Observed sessions
  • Case studies
  • Reflective Group Discussions
  • Group Supervision

Personal study : 

The students receive the followings:

  • Training material
  • Essential bibliography

While they are asked to:

  • Study the material in depth
  • Do their assignments in every module and every chapter
  • Keep
  • Reflective journal
  • Create a final thesis, with a subject on their own choice to help them in their personal and professional development.

Admission Requirements

For participating in the training program Certificate in Coaching – AC Accredited, the candidate should have the following conditions  :

  • A degree from any kind of higher education or
  • Working experience or
  • Both

For further information please contact us.


The successful completion of the training program

  • Active participation in the training hours
  • Successful grading of all the assignments
  • Successful completion of the needed Coaching sessions
  • Completion of the coaching practice
  • The successful completion of the final thesis.


Brief program description :  Certificate in Coaching – AC Accredited

Modules Units
Module 1 : Introduction – Theory – qualifications

 What is Coaching? Defining coaching – coaching specializations

Coaching and other professions

The Coach and its qualifications

Self Directed Learning

Module 2 : Defining the coaching field

The AC Competencies

Ethics and Legalities

Module 3 :  Knowing ourselves

Schools of thoughts (Values –awareness – beliefs

Beliefs – principles and values)

Knowing ourselves objectively (Creating Self – Awareness -Underlying Beliefs)

Where am I standing now?

Module 4  :  Developing  Coaching Skills

Communication Skills

Listening Skills

Questioning Skills


Creating Structures



Rapport Building

Module 5 : Coaching Models

Grow Model

Personal Brilliance

Targets planning and achievement

Module 6 :  Frameworks and Theories

NeuroLinguistic Programming

Emotional Intelligence


Appreciative Inquiry

Module  7: Coaching meeting

Coaching Contracts

Client Management

Detailed Program Description : Certificate in Coaching – AC Accredited

Who we are?

Our training – how is it done?

Fees : 1700

Offer for one month : 1200€